Download Xenowerk Mod Apk 1.6.0 Defeat Monsters with Unlimited Money

Are you a fan of action? And want games filled with action too? Here is an awesome suggestion for you. The future world is not given that much importance in most of our games. However, Xenowerk mod Apk has done something completely opposite. Xenowerk is designed after an amazing game called Irish Shooter.

This game is going to excite you to your very core because you will experience some amazing battles and matches. There are 3D graphics giving you an excellent interface, so what is there that you are looking for? Because Xenowerk has it all.

Basic information of Xenowerk Mod Apk

Last UpdatedNovember 29, 2019
Size 60 MB
Current Version1.6.0
Android Required4.3 and up
Developer Pixelbite
Genre Action

Xenowerk’s Gameplay

Xenowerk Mod Apk is a place where you will encounter dangerous and deadly missions. It is a futuristic game that has advanced equipment. You can’t say no to it. Humans are actually the deadly monsters here. The player will have to face each one of them in order to reach his goal. So you are the savior of that land and it is up to you to bring back the lost peace. Get a chance to become a hero of your world!

Storyline of Xenowerk

So what happened is, scientists failed in an experiment and as a result of that, an alien-like figure is spreading all over and creating chaos. It has almost created havoc all over and now it is up to players to control the already worsened situation.

Players will be instructed before they take the plunge into the battlefield. There will be a joystick on your screens to help you move your character without any trouble. Also, a fire button on the right to help you aim at the opponents. You will use your remarkable skills to kill everything that hinders your way. Keep progressing and eventually, victory will await!


One more thing, your character’s gun will have unlimited bullets and you can freely aim at the enemies and destroy them. However, if you are constantly shooting at the opponents, there might come a point where it will get too hot to further shoot. In that case, first, wait to let it cool down and then continue on with your mission. 

Huge arsenal

When players come across some difficult levels or missions, they might need some good stuff to get through. All such equipment is designed so profoundly that you will see a glimpse of the future in them for sure. All the guns are designed differently and they work differently as well. Guns with higher prices are more powerful. There are laser guns, machine guns, Rifles and so many more. Guns that are rare will give greater damage to the opponent and also they will not catch heat that easily. There are armors as well that will help you stand the attacks of the enemy.  

Distinctive Powers

So there are some distinctive powers that are specially created in times of some troublesome and dangerous war. The use of these special powers is almost necessary. Their activation might cause a little more damage but at the same time, they are good at clearing off the monsters.

They are so good in my crucial moments and they can even save you from dying in the game. This skill is added into this game as self-defense and it has so much usefulness in the game.

Terrific Levels

So the journey to Xenowerk isn’t so easy or easygoing. There’s so much in the levels of it. The whole journey has various levels. Approximately, there are going to be 50 levels for you to participate in. Moreover, these levels will have crazy mutants, ready to take you in. As players proceed to the next levels, the difficulty level will gradually increase too.

There’s a wide range of paths and rooms and everything. So there’s so much for your entertainment, hence there’s no chance that you’ll sit bored. There’s an option of trying levels again if you weren’t satisfied the first time. You will learn and grow from just a beginner into a powerful assassin; equipped with weapons of all sorts.    

A Sorted Map in Xenowork

After pressing the pause button, there comes a detailed map where everything around the player is on the display. This map is a savior while you play and it saves from various deadly monsters coming your way.

It gets easy to find a better way when you don’t know where to go in your game. It is so cool to make use of this tool since it will increase the efficiency of your playing. With all these exciting features, there’s no chance, monsters will be spared.


Xenowerk has everything all sorted for you. Whether players want a futuristic flavor, action-filled scenarios, some excellent features, or amazing graphics, everything is in this one game. Moreover, Xenowerk Mod Apk is providing you with some key features that aren’t really there in the ordinary app of Google Play. You want action, you want a thrill, you want excitement, then why the delay? Download Xenowerk now!

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