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Are you fond of playing war games where combating is the prime focus? World of Tanks Blitz Mod is the perfect option for you. It is almost unpredictable and spectacular with awesome gameplay. It has been downloaded over 100,000,000 times.

This number tells so much about the kind of game it is. It is intense and it leaves its players craving for more. World of Tanks is one of such games that are famous for their amazing gameplay and perfect graphics and almost everyone is playing it, so why not you?     

Basic Information on World of Tanks Blitz Mods

Here’s some basic info to our app and we are providing World of Tanks free download to you amazing gamers!

Last UpdatedFebruary 10, 2022
Size 137 MB
Installs 100,000,000+
Current Version8.8.0.567
Android Required4.4 and up
Developer Wargaming Group
Genre Strategy

Overview to World of Tanks Blitz Mod

So the tanks in this game have 4 courses, each of those courses has amazing graphics and the focus on details is fantastic. It is for sure an online game where players will have some opposing forces or groups. There would be seven groups and ten huge landscapes in the game.

Moreover, players can also converse in the game, this feature distinguishes World of Tanks from so many other games and is unique as well. Here the World of Tanks Apk will provide you with so many features that ordinary apps won’t allow you. Hence, this game isn’t going to disappoint you because it has all the aspects covered in it.   

Features of World of Tanks Blitz Mod

Here we are going to guide you through the features of World of Tanks Blitz, 

Your role in World of Tanks:

As you start in World of Tanks Blitz, there you will see three tanks. They will all be loaded with light armor and ammunition, they’ll be quick but obviously fragile. However, it may seem like you won’t be able to stand in front of bigger tanks.

world of tanks blitz download pc

But each member will be assigned with a duty, for new players and members it is mostly reconnaissance. Players can also assist by removing the treads of other bigger tanks. Hence, you need to be aware of the role you are going to play in the game so it will help you in choosing the right kind of ammunition.

Using ammunitions as a starter

So as far as ammunition is concerned, you will need to bring them in order to complete your missions. Focus more on scouting. Be agile while roaming around the bigger tanks in order to excel even with a starter and fragile tank. Bringing HE bullets and a plentiful amount of AP bullets won’t be a bad idea, since they can help in an emergency. 50 APK bullets and around 5 to 10 HE ammo are enough to help you through one round.      

Emergency supplies

There are some emergency supplies that are almost crucial for you as you play. A repair kit to repair the damaged equipment of yours, also, a first aid kit for the injured crewmates, and last but not the least, a fire extinguisher. It will help put out the fire.

There are many other consumables but these three are essential and you will have to bring them in every round. There are some booster consumables like beer and cola. Players will have to pay for them at the start of every fight and they’ll be used quickly as well. 

Lighter Tanks are Quick but Easy to Damage

Such kinds of tanks are represented as diamonds on the HUD. The starting three tanks are going to be of this type. In case you are driving one of these three tanks then the best you can do is to look out for the enemy tanks. When you see any enemy vehicle then it automatically comes on the map which makes it easy for you and your teammates to locate it.

Lighter tanks have an edge because they can easily stroll around and attack the bigger tanks from behind. Once you go ahead in the tech tree then there won’t be any light tank for you. These are only made for beginners and can be used by them only.

Middle tanks are Versatile in so many ways

When we get to the medium tanks, they are in the middle and they can accomplish so many duties in very little time. They are represented by a diamond with a slice going through it. Players will get one of these as they excel from the beginning stages. This type of tank is a favorite of many because it has so many versatile features. These tanks need to stay cautious because lighter and bigger tanks can outmaneuver them at any point.   

Heavy tanks are Powerful but as Slow as the snail in your garden

These tanks are represented as diamonds with two slices going through them. to unlock your first heavy tank, you might have to be patient. It is good to wait and get a grip over the propagation of tanks because heavy tanks are not that easy to control. The prime role of these tanks is to protect their allies by attracting enemy fires. This tank will move relatively slow and opponents can come for it at the vulnerable spots.     

World of Tanks Blitz PC

World of Tanks game download is so easy. You can also enjoy World of Tanks over your PC for free. Here’s how you can fulfill World of Tanks PC requirements,

World of Tanks Blitz Download PC 

  1. Firstly, go to the Windows Store and find the application’s page
  2. Click on Get and the download progress will be displayed right away
  3. Once it is downloaded, the installation would be done automatically. 

Supported languages in World of Tanks Blitz Mod

Some of the languages that are supported are Russian, English, French, Korean, German, and many more.


World of Tanks is here to provide you with every kind of fun. Whether you want to play it over Android or PC, it is available everywhere and free! Enjoy the amazing fights of Tanks with amazing World of Tanks Blitz gameplay, along with the unlimited money that this MOD brings. So what are you waiting for? Make sure that your device is fulfilling the World of Tanks system requirements and get it on your device right away for endless fun.

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