Swordigo Mod Apk Download 1.4.4. Latest Maps & Swords Trinkets

Talking of present times, games like Rules of Survival or PUBG are dominating widely. Developers prefer these game types globally as well. We can say that game developer Touch Foo took this context and came up with a PS1-based classic game, Swordigo mod apk.

Perhaps, many of the gamers are still fond of the four-button gamepad that was used in playing Contra or Street Fighter. Swordigo is here to revive all those memories for players.

Technical information of Swordigo Mod Apk

Latest Version1.4.4
File Size54 Mb
App byTouch Foo.
Last UpdateNovember 2, 2021
Android Required4.1 and up
Installs 10,000,000+

Swordigo game was initially launched in the app and Google Play had it a year later. However, it became popular in Android devices much quickly. And today almost 10 million people have downloaded it globally.    

Swordigo Apk – a brilliant adventurous game you haven’t played yet! 

Let’s be honest, Swordigo is one of the best adventure games you will ever come across. It has a touch of innovation and the engagement is so good that it would never bore its players. Not only that, the Swordigo game is considered a part of the top 20 Adventure Action Android games. You can also explore an old fashioned hide and seek action game which is hide online mod apk.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. By downloading, you will enjoy an adventurous virtual space and you are not going to regret it! Swordigo comes with the same nostalgic interface that we have seen in Super Contra and Super Mario. So this game gives every gaming flavor to its players and doesn’t bore them at all!

In Swordigo, the player will play as a teenage boy who has the responsibility of the entire world in his hands. Its tale tells that the player’s job is to accompany the boy who is traveling around the globe in order to fulfill the missions given to him.

He has to rescue the deteriorating human race from the demon’s possession. Your character has left his house for the first time. Players and other characters are going to travel to so many locations. Towns and cold dark dungeons are going to add to the adventure of this game.         

Enjoy the adventures of Swordigo Mod Apk

Use Magical powers to destroy your opponents

So if you are a beginner and don’t know much about Swordigo, then you have come to the right place! You are not going to regret just a second of playing this game. It has a simple interface and the initial missions are so simple that they are going to excite the players even more. However, there are some challenges that are going to take some of your time, but it will be worth the time!

swordigo game
Screenshots while playing swordigo game.

Players are a warrior in Swordigo and they are going to live over the green lush land and mountains. Warrior has to take Guru’s revenge who taught him the magical orbs and magic tricks. Warrior will run down the green land, jump through the mountains and face the entire small creature showing up on his way. It will help him in earning the coins and purchasing better swords.

A magical realm and aggressive bosses

Swordigo is going to be a realistic interface within the magical orbs, almost like a magical realm! Players are able to own three magical balls and these balls can be attached to the swords of the warriors. These orbs are the icy orb, the fire orb, and the black powers orb. These orbs come with their own merits and demerits 

Moreover, warriors would have to face challenging bosses apart from the tiny creatures and those orbs. Ten challenging bosses are there who need extra powers to get defeated. Hence, warriors would have to venture down the lane of green lands and mountains to collect the orbs and kill the bosses.

In addition to that, players can also change the difficulty levels of their missions ranging from Easy, Normal, and Hard at any point in their game.

swordigo map and swords

Create powerful Swordigo swords and attach them to the magic orbs

We have come to the central part of this game. Swords are named Swordigo which is the name of the game as well. The primary mission is going to take the warriors to the ultimate reward which is Swordigo magic sword named Megablade. Another mega action adventure and thrill game is also common among youngsters which is gangstar new orleans mod apk.

Since this sword is created after so many hardships, it is going to be an exceptional one. The entire story of this game revolves around this particular sword. Also, in the last moments of the game, the player would have to collect all the missing pieces of Megablade and create them from scratch.

Not just Megablade, players can enjoy lots of other simplistic swords in Swordigo. Other swords are Iron Sword, Broad Sword, The Needle, Brass Sword, Magic Sword, and The Thorn. These Swords are present in stores of the game and players can use their superpowers to destroy the bosses. Therefore, Swordigo has so much in it that players will not be bored at any point.

Use powerful armors and protect yourself from the bosses

We have talked of the magical powers, swords, and orbs but there’s more! Players are going to enjoy the defensive material that Swordigo has. Yes, it has Armors, they will protect players from opponents’ swords and the poisonous stings. To understand this, consider your health declines by a heart but with armor, it will decrease by half.

Furthermore, players can install magical orbs in their armors as well. In this way, they will become entrenched in superpowers. There are Swordigo Trinkets as well that can be added to players’ armors or swords to sharpen their effect even more. If players use a Black Magic orb with their sword, it will increase their health faster than armor without an orb. There are so many tricks like these that will never let the players get bored!     

A perfect game for adventure seekers like you!

One good thing about Swordigo is that it is not only being played by kids but also by adults and some aged fanatics. It attracts so many people globally because it has some exceptional benefits that no other adventure game gives. Moreover, if players download Swordigo Mod Apk, it would allow them to play with infinite tools and powers. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and download it now!

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