Sniper 3D iOS mod apk Download Version 3.43.1(iPhone and iPad)

What comes in a gamer’s mind when thinking about sniping game? You guessed it right! Sniper 3d for iOS gamers and iPad players gives mind blowing 3d sounds and enhanced graphics. You don’t need to root or jail break your mobile in order to get advanced feature. Follow along and we will show you how !

The ultimate experience makes it the best sniping game since 2017. With improvements and updates over couple of years, the popularity is increasing continuously specially among iPhone users. It is one of the most downloaded game from limited list of apps available on apple store.

GameShooting 🔫
Platform &
iPhone 📱 iOS 10.0 or later
iPad/iPad touch💻 iOS 10.0 or later
Premium FeaturesUnlimited Coins 💰, Diamond 💎 & Gold ✨
Size466 MB
Rating4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
UpdatedFebruary 18, 2022
Age Restriction17+
DeveloperFun Games For Free

Often comes with app purchases, we have added premium features that players are searching for. Here is a guide to download and install those features.

Download Mod in iOS Sniper 3D

To download and install sniper 3d ios, follow these steps:

  • Simply click on Download Game button and the setup will be downloaded on your iOS device.
  • For mod version, allow third party app access to mobile via mobile settings.
  • Install the game after giving access.
  • Run the installer and wait for few seconds.
  • Run the game and enjoy unlimited features.
  • For simple non mod version, go to direct download link above.

Gameplay in Sniper 3D iOS

The gameplay for iPhone and even for iPad is pretty much same other than the graphics and visuals. With enhanced security and added features, players experience smoother and secure gameplay compared to android.

We found it to be really engaging and sometimes addictive to some extent as well. Better than most of available sniping games on Apple app store. For a game of this much good quality, frequent upgrades and technically sound codes.

A premium version is available on apple store which gives a limited amount of diamonds, ads free gameplay for some time and few other features. But we don’t recommend using it.

Sniper 3d android is also available. These are also available for pc or windows to play on even bigger screen as well as iPhone. The link is given above. In it, you will have unlimited amount of everything you will need including diamonds, coins and gold. Better give it a shot before going to premium version and enjoy a free premium play.

Features of Sniper 3d iOS

Let’s look at features of sniper 3d iOS for online and mission modes:

  • Multiplayer mode available
  • Versatile animations
  • Intriguing missions
  • Ultra 3d graphics and display
  • Online global connectivity
  • Dedicated online servers
  • Lethal and sophisticated guns
  • Upgrading features
  • FPS gameplay
  • PVP matches and global leaderboard
  • In game currency to enhance and modify weaponry
  • Global sniping game domination

Additional Coins, & Extra Diamonds

In start of game, when players realize they need more and more coins and specifically diamonds to upgrade there machines. They start chasing the things that will help them upgrade to pro.

In sniper 3d it is not easy. The only item that will enable players upgrade guns, ammo and grips with silencers and less recoil are diamonds. To achieve maximum diamonds, here are few tips of experienced sniper 3d global leading players:

  1. Always take the headshots
  2. Take wind and gravity into account to get precise hit.
  3. Maximize your earning by completing all kind of missions weather they are repetitive or boring
  4. Upgrade your weapons wisely and spend money and diamonds on ammo and range
  5. Watch video ads if (playing for free) to get maximum energy bar and play most missions.
  6. Practice and improve your aim.
  7. Lead the leaderboard. You may get featured as well.

Sniper 3d Premium Game Experience:

Most of the time, iOS users buy premium in game plans. Follow these key suggestions to avoid spending much money and saving account from security threats.

  • Play mod apk with unlocked and unlimited diamond features before buying and think if this is worth it.
  • Never ever share your game id or number with others.
  • Don’t buy every offer, instead comment below or follow us on social platforms. We will guide you better. To get latest information on weekly and monthly diamond winning events and updates. You can also follow official page of developers on twitter.


To summarize, sniper 3d iOS mod apk is preferred way of playing premium version. It comes with pretty good amount of coins, gold and diamonds. Testing things out and enjoying thrilling features before spending money is great way to spend extra bucks on unnecessary features. Check what works for you and if you plan to play in global arena, go with it.

Facing problems or issues, comment down below and we will look into the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Sniper 3D iOS

Is Sniper 3d gear even worth it?

The answer is yes and no. If you know they work, they are worth it. How would you know? Download our mod apk and find out!
Also, if you are going with global competition or going in arena, you may wanna test everything before you buy. The mod version is the way you should do it.

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