Sniper 3D Assassin Walkthrough 2022 (Hello Bomb mission and more)

To play like a pro, you have to understand the Sniper 3D Assassin walkthrough, which will help you understand the game. We will also guide you on how to get extra coins, diamonds, and other necessary features to speed up your success in arena. 

Following is our guide to understand how you can kill the enemies in the required time frame and weapon on specific missions. Some of the most critical and most discussed missions you will play in sniper 3d are mentioned below.

Missions of Sniper Assassin 3D in 2022

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Sniper 3D Assassin Walkthrough 2021 (Hello Bomb mission and more)

There are many typical missions in sniper 3d with increased difficulty and more thrill. Let’s understand the gameplay.

Sniper 3d Hello Bomb

An interesting 8th mission in primary part where you have to kill person going to trigger the Bomb. Look into the area and identify a person with a mobile phone. Shoot him instantly.

Privacy Concerns Sniper 3d

This mission is part of the Jandsburg missions. You have to protect a whistleblower. The whistleblower is a hacker with volatile data in a briefcase. Protect him at all costs before he reaches the court. The hint is you will see a running person who will later bring out the gun and will try to shoot the hacker. Finish him instantly when he brings out the gun.

Sniper 3D Explosive Barrels

This is Specs Ops mission 1 Explosive Barrels. Terrorists will throw them from the rooftop, and you have to destroy them using sniper before they hit the ground. If you are playing sniper 3d on pc, this mission looks absolutely awesome

Sniper 3d coo coo

The 38th mission of primary part of the game. A criminal held hostage on a knife, and police have surrounded him. Kill him before he makes a mistake.

Sniper 3d Jet Ski Kidnappers

This mission is part of Specs Ops 1 missions of the game. The targets are seen moving on jet skis and have captives. You have to target the moving enemies without shooting civilians carefully. 

You have to choose a gun with more bullets and faster bullet speed. If you start reloading, the targets will move away. The civilians will be saved this way.

The Three Stooges Sniper 3d

It is the 36th part of the Primary mission of sniper 3d. There are three terrorists in the city area and are planning a deadly attack. Make sure to kill them all. The hint is they are wearing the same clothes. Take distance into account and kill them all.

The tip is to take wind and distance into account and destroys the barrel in front of the Barricade. It will kill criminals quickly in one bullet. You can easily pass these missions via sniper 3d apk.

Sniper 3d Blind Justice

This mission is the 14th part of the Primary mission of Martinville. A killer is released who has killed many cops. There is his lawyer, along with him holding a briefcase. You have to identify him and kill him.

Sniper 3d Jandsburg Mission 25 – Insurance Fraud

A businessman is going to burn buildings using a mobile connected Bomb. Identify him and prevent the destruction. He will emerge behind the containers.

Sniper 3d Zipline Mission

The criminals are trying to invade the bank using zipline and moving between rooftops. Target four criminals without loading your weapon, and you will complete this mission.

Sniper 3d Jandsburg Mission 39

The Jandsburg mission is known as privacy concerns, is pretty standard among sniper 3d users. You have to protect the person with the briefcase, and a shooter running around will bring out the gun. Kill him when you see him in action.

Sniper 3d Cowards

Cowards are the mission that involves criminals fighting police. They have snipers and are in advantage. Help the police and fry them all. The critical tip is to take wind and distance into account and kill five targets on the road. The gun with five bullets in one magazine is enough to kill them all.

Sniper 3d Barricade

The 4th specs ops mission of sniper 3d is exciting and the last part of Martinville. The criminals have set up barricades, and police are after them. They are defeating the police, and your task will be to eliminate them before all policemen die out. Get sniper 3d mod apk and enjoy all these missions with easy access to unlimited gold, diamond and other features.

Sniper 3d The One

The one is sniper vs. sniper mission. Another shooter is in town and looking for you. If he finds you first, you are dead. Make sure to kill him immediately. The target will be hiding on the roadside in front of you. Calculate wind into account and shoot the target in minimum time.

Sniper 3d That Star

This is the 8th mission of the Primary part of the game. A person is trying to infiltrate the market and blow up a bomb. Save the people around and kill the terrorist as early as possible. The hint is you will find him on the rooftop right above the food cart.

Sniper 3d Chopper Chase

It is the 13th mission of Primary missions in Sniper 3d. The target is a thief who has vital security information and moving away on a helicopter. You are on another chopper and have to eliminate the pilot before he runs away.

Sniper 3d Martinville

Following are the first five missions of the series:

  • the kidnappers,
  • Hurricane, 
  • Time Crises, 
  • Barricade
  • Deadly Parade

In the Kidnappers, you will kill the four kidnappers who stop the vehicle in the middle of the road.

As the name suggests, the next one is Hurricane, a sniper looking for you to kill in a highly windy city. He will be on the rooftop. This is sniper vs. sniper offline mission.

Next is Time Crises. The criminals are targetting the police. Kill them from behind. There are 12 shooters on different roads on your left and right. Take distance and wind into account and shoot them.

The barricade mission with an exciting touch gives you a chance to help the cops. Destroy the Barricade with barrel sitting in between cars which will eliminate shooters.

Last but not least, the Deadly Parade. The president is going on parade, and you have to protect him from shooters coming up on rooftops one by one. Initially, three shooters will come up, and later a running shooter on the road will be seen. Eliminate them and win the game.


Above are some of the best missions that are critical to attain points, gold and diamonds necessary for buying guns. There are many others as well. But these are the ones with higher difficulty level.

One of the missions that got popular worldwide is Breaking News. By killing a journalist, you make him famous. It was covered by The Washington post as well.

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