Download Resident Evil 4 Apk 1.01.01 Android Mod – Latest 2022 Game

Do you like the combo of excitement and action? And want to experience the same zest in your gaming experience? Then we have Resident Evil 4 Mod Apk for you. It has some outstanding features and the gameplay will definitely leave you wanting more. Now that such games are available for Android and other mobile devices, Android users won’t be missing out on these amazing adventure games. 

Current Version1.01.01
Android Required4.0 and up
File Size78 MB
GenreSurvival Horror

The Storyline of Resident Evil 4 Android Apk

So there were some incidents that happened back then in Raccoon City. In this part, gamers are going to accompany Leon S Kennedy. Just to know about some background to Leon’s character, he was trained by some government organization. However, All this was done to turn him into a secret agent for a security team. Right now, he is taken to Spain where he has to rescue the President’s daughter. An unknown cult had kidnapped her with the intention of taking the charge of presidency. But the story isn’t that simple. That secret cult has some parasite named Las Plagas. 

They’re using it to control the minds of people. There’s so much more in this game that is yet to be discovered. So take on the thrilling journey of resident evil game apk. Not only Leon’s story but there’s another character named Ada Wong. There are going to be various exciting events with him as well. So there are two separate gameplays both interesting in their own ways and players can have fun with them simultaneously.  

Features of Resident Evil 4 Mod

Here comes some of the amazing features of Resident Evil 4,

Enjoy shooter experiences with some amazing actions

One thing worth mentioning about this game is that it offers some amazing shooter experiences. The fixed camera that it once had, is no longer an issue. You can move your character freely and shoot or aim fearlessly. It has an appropriate touch control system, fast-paced gunplay, and intense shootout encounters.  

Convenient Saving Options

In addition to everything talked about above, there’s another convenience that they are offering. Android gamers can easily save their progress throughout the game. There’s no need to wait for certain spots where you can only save progress. Simply go to the settings panel and it is easy to save from there. So, save whenever you want and then load your previous saved game, it is all made so easy for you. Plus, there is a checkpoint feature that will make your gaming experience much easier. 

resident evil 4 apk

Have fun with amazing cutscenes in Resident Evil Android Game

Android gamers can have fun in so many ways in Resident evil 4. Not only does it have an interesting storyline but also there are some cut scenes of various events in the middle of the game. This allows players to better engage in the pace of the game and have fun with the story that goes on throughout the game. Plus, the beautiful graphics of those cut scenes will surely give you a realistic vibe. 

Finally the escort missions in Resident Evil 4 Android Apk

Now let’s talk of the interesting part of the game, which is obviously the escort missions. For that, your character needs to stay in touch with Ashley. There are going to be amazing interactions throughout the game. There are options for you to command her to follow, hide and wait. Which is almost like rescuing a hostage. Your main focus is to protect her because if she dies the game will restart from where you previously saved it.

Moreover, the presence of Ashley is a big use for you in many missions as well. She will be a helping hand of yours in the various missions that you couldn’t do alone.

Inventory setups; having amazing features 

Do you remember the amazing gameplay of Tetris? Well in resident evil 4 there is a new inventory that has grid setups, just as the Tetris. With the help of which, there will be no space issues inside your inventory. Place them in any way you like, turn them upside down in order to fit them into the inventory. And it all is possible with this amazing feature in resident evil 4 game download free.  

Weapons and upgrades in Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition too! 

There is a merchant that carries weapons and you will need to look for him for the upgrades as well. Many of your purchases can be done there. But finding him isn’t that hard, you can find him in various locations in between your adventures.

Moreover, the more you will advance in the game the more upgrades and weapons will be found at the Merchant’s place. Hence, everything is there, all you have to do is to seep into the amazing gameplay and enjoy Resident Evil 4 mobile game download.

Various difficulty levels to choose from in Biohazard 4 Apk

There’s another feature in the game that will allow you to take the difficulty level to a high or a low. If it is too difficult or too easy for you, there’s always an option to change the difficulty of the game. Players will have 4 modes to choose from. These are, Amateur, Easy, Normal, and Professional.

In addition to that, the biohazard 4 mobile edition English version for android is with different difficulty levels. Players will see slight differences in their game. As in Professional, there will come some challenging parts that would normally be skipped in other modes.

Consequently, players will get to have stronger weapons and upgrades in that mode too. So Biohazard 4 game free download for android is the perfect way for you!

Download Resident Evil Game & Enjoy all of it for free!

As the biohazard 4 game for android usually requires money, we are giving it to you absolutely free! Plus, not all the experiences will be there for open access for everyone. They will require money as well. Hence, we have resolved the money issue by providing it to you for free. The Biohazard 4 game for android is completely unlocked and free to download for you! Resident Evil 4 Game free download for android mobile, what more do you want?

Resident Evil 4 Download Apk

With everything we have mentioned above, what’s still stopping you from hitting the download button. Hop in and go for biohazard 4 download full version. There are so many features that are unlocked that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. So this Resident Evil game download for Android has amazing graphics, amazing sounds. And it all is available out here for you for free!


For all the Android users out there, who are bored of the usual boring game. If they want the same high-end gaming experience in their android sets, then this game is the perfect option for them. With everything unlocked already and perfect gameplay, there is so much to feel the fun and adventure. Then get the Resident 4 game download now!

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