Download King of Thieves Mod Apk 2.51.2 – Get Unlimited Money & Gems

You might have heard about the cute cartoon-style game Cut the Rope, Well here’s another look-alike which is King of Thieves. The mission is to enter over 80 dungeons and loot all the gold and silver from there. We can assure you that looting silver and gold in this game is so pleasurable that you won’t regret playing King of Thieves Mod Apk.  

Over 10 million people globally have downloaded it, then what is stopping you? There is an amazing new update in the game as well where players can take part in team battles. In these battles, the competing teams who will have the same kind of abilities and characteristics are going to come one on one. The winning team will get gems and gold coins.

General Information on King of Thieves Mod Apk  

So this game has kept the traditional styles in account for players to feel more comfortable while playing it. This game is pretty easy as the player begins, but obviously, the difficulty will rise as the game will proceed to higher levels.

Last UpdatedFebruary 28, 2022
File SizeVaries with device
Current Version2.51.2
Android Required4.4 and up

Let’s dig in and see what exactly the player will do in King of thieves. The game will portray your character as a cute little thief. And that thief will have to go steal gems and gold from other players to fill his own dungeon.

The storyline of Kings of Thieves Mod Apk  

The tasks given in this game are pretty straightforward. The prime purpose of that little thief is to steal the stuff of various other thieves in order to gain the title of Super Thief. ZeptoLab has smartly worked in developing this game. Because neither does it completely fall in the genre of tower defense nor does it completely match the flying platforms.  

Well, if looking at the tower defense, King of Thieves can be considered similar to Clash of Clan. Because in this game, the player has to build a lair to prevent enemy attacks too.   

The Gameplay of King of Thieves

Not only its casualness is the beauty of it but also, it is addicting to a great level. This game is pretty simple to understand, it will have different gameplays as the dungeons will change with your progress in the game. The player will have control over a little thief, and the obstacles are a challenge for him. He will have to overcome them to reach his destination.

king of thief

Overcome Obstacles and Become a King of Thieves!

There will be different kinds of obstacles, some would be traps, cannons, guillotines, and also some huge monsters ready to stop your tiny thief. The player would have to be careful in instructing their thieves because jumping, running, flying, and sticking to the wall will require some nice skills.


In addition to the already amazing gameplay, there are over 80 levels of gameplay that you need to explore. Furthermore, there are quite many locks for every screen and you need to activate the right lock in order to get through. Experience King of Thieves’ best defense and fill your life with excitement. 


Talking of graphics, King of Thieves Apk has some vibrant and catchy themes of animations. Graphics are simple and easy to understand. The overall environment of the game is so catchy and fun-filled with the background sounds; complementing the game perfectly.   

Operating System of Kings of Thieves Game

Since we have already discussed the simplicity of this game. The one-touch mechanism has made the gaming experience quite convenient. Players will just have to tap the screen for jumps and each tap will cause the little guy to jump higher. Moreover, the obstacles need players’ attention, because the negligence of a minor second can take your little thief’s life. 

Benefits that you’ll see in King of Thieves Mod Apk

So, King of Thieves is a perfect platform if you are seeking some adventure in your gaming experience. It will give you a taste of games like Super Meat Boy and N+ because they have the same adventure theme in them. In King of Thieves, it is so easy to control your little guy. All you have to do is to keep a check on its moves and the fling character. The rest would be done automatically. 

Moreover, the screen isn’t that huge. With its narrow size, every time the successful flying move will leave you in awe. It is an experience of complete excitement. After players are done with intense jumps, they can easily upgrade their traps, also the base which will let them gather more coins. 

Not only that, King of Thieves provides a complete gem craft system when you venture from mine to mine in the search of treasures. Also, with the PvP mode being introduced, an internet connection is mandatory for players to avail this exciting experience. In addition to that, the interesting thing is that a player can visit any player to seek revenge for the destruction of his den. The good part is the ease in everything. Players can die as many times as they want and play as many times as they want. There’s no rule that binds them.


With all the amazing games already like Pudding Monsters and Cut the Rope, there’s another addition on the shelf which is this very game. Its controls are so easy and the one-touch operation is just what you were looking for. Such a minimalistic and casual game is hard to find.  

In King of Thieves Mod Apk, your character will be moving on its own, all you have got to do is to touch to jump higher and higher. This unique game is available all over and can easily be downloaded on iOS and Androids.

Also, Windows Phone and Windows PC can have this game too. A confrontation of so many players is an exciting thing if you come to think of it. King of Thieves is a unique one and players can definitely get crazy over it after they’ve played it only once.

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