How to Install APK On Android in 2022 – Android APK Installation Guide

How to install apk files on android is common question among gamers and android lovers alike. Generally what happens is, new android builds have their APK files leaked before they are even launched officially. It gives you earlier access to so many exciting features that haven’t even come to the general public. It’s even nicer to have something ahead of time, right?

Also, there are so many applications that are restricted in regions and you can have access to them just so easily. Moreover, the app updating process usually gets the best of us. By installing the latest APK version of that application, your hustle would get a lot easier. Or maybe you hate the update of an app and you want the older version back, APK is the way to do that.

Sometimes Android devices show resistance in access to the Google Play Store and APK files are your only solution in that case. For example you can get sniper 3d mod apk unlimited money and diamonds which is not available on above mentioned sources.

how to install apk on android

Why Is There a Need To Install APK Files on Android

Sometimes, android mobile phones don’t have access to download applications via google app store. Apk files available on various other websites serve the purpose and fulfill the need of android user easily. There might be many other reasons as discussed earlier.

If you want to download APK files and enjoy a vast experience of gaming or rather any other application, here’s a way to do that. But before you’re about to choose an APK file, make sure that the source or the website that you are currently on, is reliable.

APK files can be downloaded easily over your smartphones and tablets. Simply search for the APK files that you are looking for. Once you have found it, just simply tap on it. It will start downloading and can be seen on the top of your device’s screen. After the app has been downloaded, you can find the APK file in your Downloads and select it there. Then tap yes and the installation would begin.

If this installation process of your APK file has stopped or is disabled on your smartphone. You will simply get a notification from where you will head to the settings then allow your device to download files from unknown sources. Then again go for your APK file and click install and that’s how easily you will download your APK file

Choose a Website That is Reliable!

You will find countless sources over the web, but you need to be sure that the website you choose is trustworthy. Some websites might infect your smartphones with malicious software (malware) by providing you with an infected APK file. So being cautious beforehand is a good thing to do.

One of the best source is as it provides to the point files without any extra junk files.

The APK files downloaded from reliable sites listed down here would be a safe place for your device. Yet try to go through the user reviews and comments before you head to download or install your desired APK file.

Here’s how you can easily download APK files on some of the major Android devices around the globe, take a look down below!

How to install APK on Huawei

Like all the other Android devices, Huawei doesn’t allow the installation of applications that are downloaded from unknown sources. If you have already downloaded an application in APK format from a website and you want it installed on your device, you will have to allow your Huawei device first. Here is how you are going to enable the authorization for installation of applications, downloaded from unknown sources on your Huawei device.

First, go to your settings in your Huawei device and look for Security and privacy in there. Tap there and then further choose More settings.  

There you will have to tap on ‘install apps from external sources, you will have a bunch of applications popping up on the next screen. Select Files app there and then allow Files app to install external applications or APK files coming from unknown sources.

You will have to simply On/Off toggle that is next to Allow app installs. Afterward, you can download APK files from the website on your mobile. You can also transfer APK files to your mobile from your computer. Simply tap at the APK file and initiate the installation. Go through the permissions that the app requires. Follow the tips that it shows to install it successfully on your mobile

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How to Install APK On Samsung

You can usually download applications from Google Play Store on your Samsung devices but there is another way to get them on your device and here’s how,

  • Go to your Settings and select Apps
  • Then select Menu at the top right of your screen. Select ‘Special access’ and choose to install unknown apps
  • Choose ‘My Files’ and toggle “Allow from this source” and choose “On”
  • If you don’t have an APK file downloaded on your Samsung mobile phone, no problem. You can download it from the website or you can transfer it directly from your computer. You can also try emailing it to yourself and then download the app from there.
  • Once you have an APK file on your device. You can go to apps from your home screen, open “Samsung” and then go to “My Files”
  • Select “Internal storage” and find the place where that APK file was downloaded or placed. Tap on that app and you will easily be able to install that APK file on your mobile\


Downloading an apk file, you can bypass various barriers stopping you from getting things done. You can read more on how to open apk files and various added technicalities related to these files.

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