How To Open APK Files on Various Platforms in 2022

APK files are pretty common among gamers and those who want to download files from the play store by bypassing the actual source. It is common practice to add modified scripts in apk files thus making it an improved or more favorable copy of the original file. A hot topic these days is how to open apk files? Keep reading as we will unveil the secret.

Due to high demand for modified files, demand for apk files have increased rapidly. Before going further, you must know what is apk?

Usually, APK files are supported on various operating systems but their main use is mostly on Android devices, We will discuss it all in detail so you don’t need to.

how to open apk files

How to Open APK File

On various platforms, apk files works differently. Let’s look at each one and get geeky about this. A most common one is sniper 3d mod apk.

On Android

It is pretty simple for an android device, you just need to download the normal way like you download any other file, then simply open it. While APK files that are not installed by means of Google Play Store wouldn’t follow the same pattern. There might be a security block put in between that will make it a little hard for you.   

In order to make your way through these restrictions and install APK files coming from unknown sources, you need to follow the following instructions step by step. You will know how to open apk files. This might vary according to your Android versions.

  • Go to the settings and from there click Apps & notifications
  • Click advanced
  • From there click Special App Access
  • Click allow unknown sources

For some of the device types, some apps such as Chrome might require your permission for the installation of APK files from third-party websites. Or you might see an option and you will simply be able to enable installation from unknown sources.

Yet if the APK file is not opening, you should try looking for it over file managers like ES File Explorer or Astro. 

How to open apk file On Windows

Do you want to enjoy applications on PC but don’t know how to run APK files? We have got you covered! All you need to do is to use an Android emulator. You will have to go into the My Apps tab there and you will be able to install APK from there. For pc gamers, a thrilling sniping game with this file format is sniper 3d for pc.

On a Mac

There’s an extension on Google Chrome named ARC Welder. It’s solely meant for assessing the apps of Android for Chrome OS. It will work on any OS which means that APK can be opened on your Windows computer or Mac until this app is installed and lies in your Chrome browser.

On iOS

As we all are aware of the fact that the iPhone or iPad run differently. Hence APK files are now available for iPhone or iPad because APK is structured entirely in a different way than the apps used on such devices. These two platforms won’t work simultaneously. A common example of such files are sniper 3d iOS.

How to Extract apk File

Since we have known so far that APK files can be accessed not only on Android but also on mac OS, Windows, and various operating systems with just the use of an extractor tool. APK is like an archive of multiple files and folders, and they can easily be unzipped with the help of programs like PeaZip or 7-Zip. In this way, you will be able to see the components that make up the application.

However, in doing so, you wouldn’t be able to actually use the APK files on your PC. For doing that, you will need an Android emulator, that will basically run the Android OS over your computer.   

Conversion of APK Files

After question of how to open apk files, extraction of file is asked. Even though file conversion services or programs are essential for the conversion of one file type to any other. They wouldn’t be too beneficial while dealing with APK files. It is because APK files are applications and they are built to run over some specific device types. Dissimilar to files like PDFs and MP4s that can work over a number of platforms

Yet, if you want to convert APK to ZIP. You would have to follow down the instructions that are explained to you. You can either repackage the APK file. For this you need a ZIP with the help of a file extraction tool or you can simply rename it. (APK to ZIP)  

Since you have read here already that converting APK files to IPA to be used in iOS can’t be done, neither can you convert APK to EXE for the use of Android applications in Windows.

However, getting an alternative in place of an Android app for your iPad or iPhone isn’t a big deal. Mostly, developers offer the same apps over both platforms.  

Let us make it a lot easier for you! You can simply install a Windows opener instead and it can be used to open Android applications on your desktops or computers. You don’t exactly need an EXE format for that.

Moreover, APK can also be converted into BAR for optimal use in a Blackberry device. It can be done by uploading your APK file at the Good e-reader online APK to BAR converter. You will just have to wait for the conversion to end and then the BAR file can be downloaded to your computer.


In a nutshell, knowing how to open apk files is an easy and simple practice. Download and install apk files on your desired device. Just go to settings once and allow installation from unknown sources. Once the setting is saved, you won’t have to repeat it again and you are all done.

One of the most famous and advanced such files is of sniper 3d assassin which you can open instantly after downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are APK files illegal?

It’s perfectly fine to download an APK file on your device from a source other than Google Play Store. APK is a file format like any other file format such as ZIP or EXE. So using it is completely legal and you should go for it to have a broader experience with your Android device.

Is there an iOS version of APK?

Yes, there are and such types of files are termed IPA files. These are the program files written for devices like iPhone and iPad, the same way APK files are structured to be used in Android devices.

Can APK files harm my device?

Unfortunately with all its pros, there is a con that we shouldn’t be ignoring. They can harm your device because they may contain malware sometimes. The best remedy for that would be to run your selected APK file through an online virus detector once. Try to download only from the websites that you trust to minimize the risk of getting your device infected with viruses.

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