How To Open APK Files On PC and Windows in 2022

If you want to have a wide range of gaming experiences and not just games but any other apps, you must have thought of how to open apk file in pc. Gaming that too on your computer is next level comfort. The BlueStacks is the safe haven for you. BlueStacks can actually run everything of the Android version over your PC. It has a built-in Play Store that will give you wide access to even purchased content.  

In that Play Store, when you click over an app. It does something unexpected for you, it will provide you with just the same Play Store as given in Android devices. You can easily navigate there and look for apps just like you do normally on your Android devices. One of the most famous game played via this method sniper 3d apk.

But here we are to tell you not only about BlueStacks but about how you can run APK files easily over your Windows PC. You won’t need BlueStack or any of the emulators for this purpose.

how to open apk file in pc

Even though we have multiple methods that we can use to run Android apps on Windows PC. The most commonly adopted methods usually involve emulators. The most significant emulator that we have is the well-known BlueStacks. This virtual machine is cloud-based that works solely for optimizing Android applications for computers. But let’s just leave behind these emulators and talk of some other ways that are out there for you.

And this isn’t about Android SDK either! But you can try that as it will work the perfect way and you’ll easily download Android Apps over your PC through it.

So let’s dig in.

How to open APK files on windows – Without Emulator

So here you need ARC Welder. It is actually an extension in chrome. It will run Android apps directly from your browser with the help of APK files. This is simplest way for you to run Android apps over your PC. This extension would make the propagation of applications that are native to Google’s operating system more convenient.      

how to open apk files on windows 10

How to open APK files on Windows 10

In order to open APK files on your computer using the ARC Welder that we just mentioned, you will have to follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure that there’s a Chrome browser in your Windows PC.
  • Now download the ARC Welder extension into your PC by simply going to your chrome browser and searching for it. 
  • After the extension is downloaded, it might seek an empty folder and you will have to make room for it.
  • Then further you will see a plus sign, click on it and add an APK file in the ARC Welder that you just downloaded
  • You can configure how will the app run and click the “Launch App” button afterward

It is going to work perfectly for your windows 10 and windows 8 versions. Similarly, you can get best sniping game and experience sniper 3d pc.

With what programs you can open APK files on a PC

It is easy to open an APK file in your Windows PC or your macOS or any other desktop OS that you are currently in use of. You just need a file extractor tool for that. APK files are all actually archives of various folders and files that store data. These files can be easily unzipped with the help of programs such as WinRAR, Winzip, etc. 

Before downloading and installing the game, you can use walkthrough to keep your information updated. Similar to sniper 3d walkthrough.

How to install an APK file on a PC

In order to install APK files on your PC, you need to tap the APK file and take it down to the tools folder that is in the SDK directory.Then using the command prompt while AVD is still running in that directory, will add the application to your app list.

Why sometimes APK files won’t install on your computer

Just like the android devices, your computer might cause some hindrance in the way of your downloading process. It’s very likely to happen if the APK is corrupt or there is a version compatibility problem between your computer and the APK file that is being downloaded.   

If something like this happens with you, make sure to double-check the APK files and see if they were fully downloaded. The app permissions can also be set, you just need to follow the given steps,   

Settings >Apps>All>Menu key > Reset app preferences or Reset application permissions.

Also, the location of the app that you just installed can be altered to Automatic or you can leave it upto the system too. Also read how to install apk on android to get more information related to working of apk.

APK files and working with Windows 10

You can find various ways of using APK files on your PC. Either with an emulator or without an emulator. Both the tools are going to help you just the same. For an emulator you can try BlueStacks. If you’re not so fond of emulators, ARC Welder extension is your option then. No matter which way you prefer, you can easily try out APK files on your Windows 10 PC. There are endless options for you out there, don’t confine Android applications with just the Android devices. Enjoy them until this growing technology ceases to amaze you!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlueStacks safe to install?

Yes, it certainly is a safe and certified tool for your device. However, BlueStacks too comes with some risks. The use of BlueStacks won’t let you download APKs on your PC. It is actually a virtual machine which will help you in downloading and using APK Android applications on Windows 10.
Nonetheless, if you download an app from a website you don’t trust then the guarantee of its safety is hard to give. But BlueStack, as a tool itself, is all trusted and guaranteed. 

Are Android Emulators Legal?

Before we even think of the complexities regarding legalities and everything, let’s just be clear of the fact that APK files are available everywhere for us. That makes it clear that the use of APK files is completely legal and no one can argue on that.
So in order to run those APK files on a medium other than Android device, you need an emulator. Emulators like BlueStacks are completely legal and certified and there are many more emulators that you can use.

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