How to Install APK files in 2022 – Complete Guide

If you use an Android device then all the applications that you download might revolve around the Google Play Store. Because generally Google Play Store is a go-to platform for any kind of download activity that can be done on Android phones. A question how to install apk must have occurred in your thoughts.

Google Play Store works fine and never bothers you because it does its downloading and installing activities in the background. However, Google Play Store is quite restricted in terms of App availability. If there’s an application that isn’t available in your region then all you have got to do is to seek a third-party source. And that’s where the APK files come from. You can download sniper 3d apk to experience what it looks like.

The world is endless outside the bubble of the Google Play Store. There are countless websites that offer APK files – applications with all their versions. So let’s just see how such applications are installed without involving Google Play Store.

how to install apk

How to Install APK files

If you want an app that is available on a third-party website and not Google Play Store. Or if you want a specific version of that app that is not available over Google Play. Then you can download that application’s APK file.

And for that, first, you need to allow unknown Apps on your Android device because most of the Android devices are built that way. They don’t let any foreign activity happen, so your command is necessary,

Follow the given instructions down below,

  • Open your Android mobile’s settings and click Apps & Notifications
  • On the top right corner of your screen, you will find three dots, tap there
  • Then head on to Special Access
  • Click on Install Unknown Apps
  • From there, select the browser that is in current use of you
  • Then simply turn on the option that says Allow from this source
how to download apk

How to download APK from Google Play Store

As we are all clear now that APK files are used to install applications on Android devices like phones and tablets. But we are here to tell you that applications can also be saved in the APK format form. In this way, you can save space in your phone, computer, tablet, or cloud drive and you can install it later too.

But Google Play Store doesn’t really allow you to download APK files directly from the Google Play Store. Yet even the impossible things have some possible ways out! Some web browser apps are out there that can help you extract APK files from the Play Store URLs.

Similarly, You can get apk for iOS as well. Here, sniper 3d for iOS is an example.

Here we are going to show you how APK files can be extracted from the Google Play Store with the use of an online APK downloader

Steps to Extract APK

  • First, you need to open the Google Play Store on your Android device. Its icon would look like a three-colored sideways triangle in your app list or your home screen. If you are using a computer then you can browse conveniently over the web. You will be good to go. Also, keep in mind that the APKs of free apps are going to be available for you. Its next to impossible to find an APK of a paid application.
  • Now that you are on the homepage of Google Play Store, you need to search there for the app that you want in APK. Then when you see that app in your search bar, click on it to see its details.
  • Then further click at the three dots that are at the top-right corner of your screen. It will open a menu for you.
  • You will see Share, by clicking on it a pop-up panel would be opened – giving you the sharing options.

Keep going

  • Then on the Share menu, you will see Copy to clipboard. Clicking on it will copy the application’s URL for you. If you are on your computer then you can select the URL that is in the address bar of the browser. By right-clicking and selecting ‘copy’, it will get copied for you.  
  • Now you need to go to an APK downloader in your web browser. Simply paste the URL that you had copied earlier and in that way, you can easily download the APK on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. You can use various APK downloader websites and the steps to download APK would be quite similar in all of them. Just a quick search over the web will provide you with multiple third-party app downloading websites.
  • Once you have pasted the URL of your app, you will see a Generate Download Link Click on it and it will help you in locating the app and generating the link for a smooth saving process for you.
  • Then further Click here to download button would pop up. This button can be found under the Generate Download Link By clicking on it, the APK version of that app will be downloaded to your device.

Google Play Store & APK

Well an APK Downloader seems like a good idea that allows you to download APK files from Google’s website itself and with no involvement of a third-party platform. However every nice thing has a flavor of bitterness with it, and so does this service has. For pc, you can read how to open apk file in pc.

Occasionally you will come across hiccups and bugs in there. But no matter what we say, it would still be a fact that an APK downloader is the only way to get an APK through Google Play Store.

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