Hide Online Mod Apk 4.9.0 Download – Hunters Vs props

We have come across games that have some outstanding ideas. Developers for sure have a creative mind and an eye that observes daily life for ideas. Those ideas are then turned into numerous games that we play today. However, we are here to bring back some nostalgic memories of yours which is hide online mod apk.

Hide-n-seek is familiar to almost all of us, we have all played this folk game in our childhoods. The interesting part to know is, that most of the hide-n-seek games are driven by the conventional nostalgic games of our childhood.

Information of Hide Online Apk   

Category Action
App by HitRock Games
Size 54 Mb
Latest version 4.9.0
Update December 13, 2021
Installs 50,000,000+
Android Required4.4 and up

These games are improved with countless novelties to provide gamers with an amazing experience.

We are here to introduce you to Hide Online. It is none other than a hide-n-seek variation that is catering love of millions of people sitting around the globe. Hide Online has the essence of liveliness and friendliness and hundreds of people can be accommodated in a single session. 

What’s interesting to know about Hide Online Apk?

Hide Online will bring back all of your memories. It has a vibrant playground and the friendliest environment. In short, the best variation of hide-n-seek so far! Moreover, players will come across simple rules and exciting virtual game space. Also, players can become props instead of humanoid creatures. A similar game with action and adventure is gangstar new orleans mod apk.

For props, they can take different objects from the environment to hide. This is new in a hide-n-seek game and things can get more exciting when players can become whatever they want to be. The tiniest of props can be hidden in corners and hunters would get no hunch of them. Besides, Hide will constantly come up with new game modes and many variations to help players have a perfect time.

hunter vs props
Playing mode on hide online.

Let’s see how Hide Online helps kill boredom!

Hunters and Props

So let’s dig into this and see how are players going to play Hide Online – Hunters vs Props. As the name already suggests, this game has 2 teams, Hunters and Props. Both the teams have different tasks. 

Be the Hunters and catch the Props

Hunters have a limited time to destroy all the props. They have access to a wide range of weapons for that. However, there is one interesting thing. Every time when Props locate an object and attack it, there’s a chance of losing health if that object isn’t a prop. Therefore, Hunters have to find the Props with the help of sound. That is how the game would go and players will swap their positions in every match between Props and Hunters.

Be the Props and hide from Hunters

Hunters are not the only ones to enjoy. While they have a variety of weapons to use, Props can transform themselves into an object they come across in the environment. Or we can say, they can take up the appearance of anything they see lying around no matter what size it is. However, for Props the game is going to ping after every 15 seconds.

It is the best balance for Props because they can hide so well. In this way, they will have to change positions. Moreover, props can use various skills for a few seconds. But if skills are already used, players would have to buy more from the store. Props can teleport the Hunters anywhere on the map or they can stun them for a few seconds.  

Enjoy different game modes of Hide Apk

This game gets constantly diversified and transformed, that too on weekly basis! Extra game modes are introduced for the game every week. Even though these modes are not lasting, but the fun is unexplainable.

It is noisy than the actual game mode and Hunters are able to destroy each other. Also, Props can use weapons and look around for Hunters. There’s so much in every mode of it. Moreover, if the player is playing in additional modes, it can win many additional rewards. you can also play six guns mod apk for virtual action and thrills.

Amazing costumes in hide online mod apk unlimited money

Costumes of hunters are the real deal and they make the matches more fun. Also, costumes show how creative the developers are. What’s more impressive is their high reactiveness and effects in various situations.

Consequently, players get incentives for the collection of special outfits. They are easy to collect and most of them come from the extra modes that we talked about. Not only that, the game allows players to customize their own costumes as well. They can design a special outfit all by themselves.

Yet having doubts on Hide Online – Hunters vs Props?

Hide Online is a game of endless fun, filled with various exciting elements that show the creativity of its developers. Few doubts that players might develop regarding the transformation into objects and fleeing away from Hunters. But it is another way around and a refreshing experience.

Players can use weapons they are comfortable with, to destroy the objects lying around. It all adds to the fun that it brings to its players. It is an interactive and casual game filled with tons of entertainment and you can enjoy it with your friends. If you are looking out for casual games, then you have come to the right place! 

Hide Online Download

  • First, go to your Settings and from there click Security.
  • Then click on Unknown sources and turn it on
  • Find the downloaded file in your storage
  • Tap on the file and start the installation process 
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