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Firstly let’s generally talk about animals and see if you are fond of animals? If yes then let’s head on to the main theme of Animal Warfare Mod Apk, which is animal chess. If this genre attracts you then we are here to provide you with every single piece of information that will make you download our app right away.

Introduction to Animal Warfare Mod Apk,

You are going to feel the excitement of this amazing animal chess. It is simply the best game of animal chess you will find on the internet. It is an automatic simulation game that includes animals and fierce battles. The animals in this game are huge warriors for players. Players will gradually play and unleash the beasts to win the battles.  

Information of Animal Warfare Mod Apk:

Last UpdatedFebruary 8, 2022
Current Version2.9.4
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperPlaySide Studios

The Storyline of this Amazing Animal War Game,

So this game has a long long storyline with hundreds of battles that players will engage themselves in. Players will have to destroy the beasts of their opponents. When players are in the initial stages, they will have giraffes and dogs that are mid-range warriors. Soon as players will start winning the battles, they will get gold coins.

animal warfare mod apk

When you have collected enough money, the game will automatically shift you to a greater level with stronger warriors. The stronger warriors include bears, lions, leopards, rhinos, and tigers. Every warrior will come up with their own power and skill. The more you will earn money the more you will easily excel.    

Exciting Gameplay and the Beasts that you’ll like,

Just like the conventional chess that we play, the only way to victory is by using the suppression technique. For that, knowing the strengths of beasts is a must for you. Because only then you can use that beast against the opponent. The interesting part is, this game primarily works the way the natural food chain does.

For instance, Lion is going to eat Wolf. Similarly, Wolf will eat Goat and Goat will kick out a monkey. If you can form a grip over the mentioned things, this game is going to be so great for you.   

animal war games

When the Food Chain is not valid,

However, there are no same-sized beasts in the game. Players will encounter not only average-sized beasts but also some huge super-sized ones. At some point, the rules of the Food Chain might not be followed. You have to come up with some other trick in this case and the big beast will definitely be destroyed in no time.

These are the 2 staged Animal Warfare games. Every stage is full of excitement. In the beginning, players hardly encounter fierce opponents so capturing fierce beasts is hard.

Second Stage of this Animal War Game,

While the player is in the second stage, he will encounter a great number of beasts and he will have to adopt a tactical way to combat across. Here there’s no one-on-one battle, but the battle of teams combating each other.

Aggressive enemies would be prominent here and players will get to upgrade their army in a whole other way. The unique element is the merging of small animals to make a bigger beast.     

Enjoy every Battle to its Fullest,

In addition to a variety of beasts and a complete fun package that this game brings. There’s more to the battles, every battle will give you different kinds of Goosebumps and the experience is going to be new for you. Every beast comes with its own skills and the fighting styles are going to amaze you. After players are arranged, they will start their fight on their own.

The fighting step is completely automatic, making it more fun and easy to play for game geeks like you. All you will have to do is to have a look at the results and you will see what came out of the battle.

The Fierce Battles

Every battle promises a thrilling experience. The army of your beasts and one of your opponents will collapse into each other and fight until one wins. Although when there is river terrain, all the animals won’t be able to pass and only animals like crocodiles and Bears will pass through. Specifically, the battles over the land are going to be thrilling and intense.

If you got Elephants, you will see them using their trunks to beat the enemies, hippos will mercilessly hit the opposite side with their horns, and bears will use their powerful hands. Also, the army of monkeys is the funniest one, it will throw fruits at the enemies.

Is it yet not enough to make you download this amazing app? Play it once and you will come back with much more excitement.    

Sounds and Graphics

The 3D graphics are not so detailed they are enough to make you experience the fun. The background is so simple and with nice scenery, bridges, color schemes, and rivers. There are some hurdles too. Although, the army of beasts that is gathered in the center is the prime focus. Sound is stirring and moving, adding the perfect essence of excitement and fun into the game.

Download Animal Games – Animal Warfare Mod Apk

1. Firstly, open the file that you just downloaded and tap at Yes when the option pops up.

2. Simply follow as the steps take you to installation.

3. Then you will see that the app is being installed on your device.

Sometimes, your device might not allow other sources and their data to come into your device. For that, you will have to go to your Settings. In Security, you will see unknown sources. And by allowing them, you will easily download this app.


With everything that we told you, there’s no such thing to say or do anymore. Because there’s no way you haven’t downloaded it yet. This app gives you a flavor of thrill, action, strategy, and everything. Also, it is so exciting to see animals fighting like that on a battlefield. 

Hence, don’t hesitate in downloading this app because you are going to be thrilled to your core.

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